Take This Job And Shove It | Heidi Hanson Photography

Okay so those of you who have been waiting been anxiously awaiting for me to make my decision from last week’s post Decision Day, wait no longer.  After having really digested what my… Continue reading

D Day (decision day) Heidi Hanson Photography

So today went exactly as I expected, very little sleep, huge wind/rain storm last night, power goes out at 4AM, everyone wakes up in the house at 4AM(we all sleep with sound machines… Continue reading

Ice Ice Baby | Heidi Hanson Photography

Admit it, you were thinking I was going full on Vanilla Ice.  I have been known to bust out quite a few lyrics from this awesome song 🙂  But this blog post is… Continue reading

And so the waiting continues | Heidi Hanson Photography

I guess it is hard to be patient.  I remember my grandmother always saying patience is a virtue and never really understanding what that meant.  Well now years later it is rearing its… Continue reading

i packed my bags last night preflight | Heidi Hanson Photography Specializing in Weddings

I just love those lyrics, they can mean so many things to so many people. To me it means possibilities, chance, potential, opportunities, a destination.  a fun place to go.  A new place… Continue reading


You know when you just have one of those days?  Well I’ve been having one of those weeks.  What is it about short weeks that are ridiculous for me?  I swear these short… Continue reading

Have Courage | Connecticut Wedding Photography by Heidi Hanson

Anyone that knows me knows that I go through a lot of cell phone cases for my iPhone.  It’s not that I’m clumsy but it something that happens a lot.  Or my kids… Continue reading

Hump Day and Frogs | Connecticut Wedding Photography by Heidi Hansn

Wednesday is traditionally called hump day, which always makes me giggle a little. C’mon you know you are giggling too! For me, Wednesday isn’t the hump. As a photographer I’m traditionally working all… Continue reading

WHO WOULDN’T WANT TO WIN THIS???? | Heidi Hanson Photography Specializing in Weddings

I always love me a contest, even though I literally never win.  But this one is too hard to pass up!  Take a look at this world wide contest by Crave Photography!!  Wow… Continue reading

It All Starts Here….Goonies | Heidi Hanson Photography Specializing in Weddings

It all starts here, and as I’m writing his I’m reminded of The Goonies the part where Mikey goes down through the fireplace…such a great movie! My life is kind of one big… Continue reading