Best of 2013 Weddings | Heidi Hanson Photography Connecticut Wedding Photographer

IT is really true, 2013 is over and we are into full swing with 2014…WOW!  It went fast!  I pulled together some of my favorite images from last year’s weddings and I hope… Continue reading

Year End Reflection | Heidi Hanson Photography Specializing in Weddings

Wow, so goodbye 2013.  You literally flew by! Whew…this was probably one of the suckiest (yes I said it – so it has to be word) years personally for me EVER.  And of… Continue reading

ICE ICE BABY | Heidi Hanson Photography

Yep, ya’ll are singing that classic 90’s song from Vanilla Ice right now aren’t you?  And you’re welcome!  It is no secret that this is my favorite time of year.  While I’ve got… Continue reading

My Favorite Things | Heidi Hanson Photography

So I’m using this ‘down time’ to reflect on my photography, revamp so to speak, and work on my website.  I’m really working on the “About Me” section, which is kind of cheesy… Continue reading

A Wild Wisconsin Wedding | Heidi Hanson Photography

I’ve known Becky for almost three years now and Kwong for just about the same amount of time.  I was really happy when these two were going to say I do in Wisconsin… Continue reading

Ecuador Bound | Heidi Hanson Photography

So I’m heading South…That’s right to South America, to Tena, Ecuador.  Yikes!  I’m wicked excited; and at the same time a little nervous.  I’m going on a mission trip (Simply Love) with complete… Continue reading

Halloween 2013 | Heidi Hanson Photography

Those of you who know me, know that when it comes time for costumes for the Hanson clan, the kids have to match or at least have the same ‘theme.”  One year we… Continue reading

The Walking Dead | Heidi Hanson Photography

No, not the TV show, in fact I’ve never even watched The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead refers to what my husband called me as I mustered up enough energy to crawl myself… Continue reading

9 months, 28 pounds and three hair colors | Heidi Hanson Photography

I know it has been a while since I blogged, but that means I’m busy right?  Sure, let’s go with that 🙂  Really I have been busy, three hair colors right?  Let’s see… Continue reading

Justin Bieber, BFFs and School | Heidi Hanson Photography

After a very long (way too long?) summer, I was very excited for today to come.  The first day of school.  Like many kids, mine were planning their outfits ahead of time, well… Continue reading