Jannett and Jose Trumbull Engagement Session | Heidi Hanson Photography

We had a gorgeous fall day at Twin Brooks Park in Trumbull for Jannett and Jose’s engagement session a few weeks ago.  The leaves were perfect, the ducks were quacking and Jannett and Jose, while they weren’t quite nature lovers, they were up for a challenge of going into the weeds and that for me is a win in my book!  Here’s a few of my favorite photos from their session.  Looking forward to their 2015 wedding.

J and J Engaged -1

J and J Engaged -28

J and J Engaged -40

J and J Engaged -42

J and J Engaged -45

J and J Engaged -66

J and J Engaged -75

J and J Engaged -76

J and J Engaged -78

J and J Engaged -86

J and J Engaged -90

J and J Engaged -95

J and J Engaged -110

J and J Engaged -82

J and J Engaged -81

J and J Engaged -68

J and J Engaged -63

J and J Engaged -106

J and J Engaged -99

J and J Engaged -14

OMG it’s October | Connecticut Wedding Photographer |Heidi Hanson Photography |

October it one of my favorite month’s of the year, if not my FAVE.  I mean who doesn’t love layers of clothes, sweatshirts, pumpkins, changing leaves, hot cocoa, soccer games, jumping in leaves (okay maybe not the raking to get the leaf pike) but you get my drift.  Just something about the crisp air that makes everything awesome – oh and I was married in October so that’s pretty cool right??  This year we’ll be celebrating 11 years – WTF??  That went fast!!

So it also happens to be one of the busiest months – ALWAYS  not just this year – but ALWYAS.  So I took a quick glimpse of my calendar and kind of laughed and quickly closed it.  But then I opened it again and took a deep breath, paused and smiled.  It’s a good busy, it’s a happy busy!


So here’s a little peek into my October:


8 soccer practices

4 baseball practices

8 soccer games

8 baseball games

one Halloween Party

Two days of no-school

2 costume parades at school

2 parties at school

Lunch date with my old co-workers (which had to be scheduled months in advance)

Room Parent for both my kids – so may have impromptu meetings/party planning


Two family photo sessions

Two engagement sessions

Two Weddings to photograph

Four Wedding Consults for 2015

Oh and Trick or Treating!! Stryder is undecided so far – he wants to be something scary but not too scary….Berkeley is going to be Frankie Stein – a girl from Monster High.

Rebecca and Mark | Cascade Hamden Wedding | Heidi Hanson Photography

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged and I’ve wanted to share these two love birds photos for a while!  Rebecca and Mark fell in love in Pennsylvania while studying to be infectious disease scientists.  I always think of the movie Outbreak when the young kid coughs in the movie theatre and then the whole town gets sick.  Actually it is really freaky.  But this is what these two will some day saving the world!   They are so cute and perfectly made for each other.

Rebecca and Mark Married (11 of 1293)

Rebecca and Mark Married (174 of 1293)Rebecca and Mark Married (188 of 1293)Rebecca and Mark Married (328 of 1293)Rebecca and Mark Married (438 of 1293)Rebecca and Mark Married (586 of 1293)Rebecca and Mark Married (670 of 1293)Rebecca and Mark Married (711 of 1293)Rebecca and Mark Married (812 of 1293)Rebecca and Mark Married (1118 of 1293)
Rebecca and Mark Married (1248 of 1293)




















The Results are In | Heidi Hanson Photography Specializing in Weddings and Engagements in CT, NYC and Beyond

The results are in – I’m slow and look ridiculous….but at least I’m laughing sort of! Okay so if you follow me you know that a little over a month ago I competed in a Spartan race. The Spartan Sprint up in Tuxedo New York. It was no lie, one of the hardest things I have ever done – like giving birth – but harder and more tiring. It took about 90 minutes to get to the place and then I started seeing these awesome signs finally so I knew I was in the right place.












I made my way up to registration and got my swag bag, actually it was an envelope, but it had my bib number, timing chip and headband to wear the entire race. Then I made my way to the spot where they take a sharpie and mark your arm, forehead, chest or whatever body part you choose with your bib #…I chose my arm thank you…and yes there is still some remnants of it the 8045 on there! Hoping another day or two it will come off. Now at this point it’s super official, and there’s no turning back now. Of course I never was going to turn back, I was into it for the long haul.spartan10






















Next was the bag drop off point, the penalty for getting stuff out of your bag before your race once you checked it was 7 burpees…I promised I was good I didn’t need anything else out of it! These Spartan races take their burpees seriously 🙂

I made my way to the start line and started to get really nervous, but then I just tried to calm myself down and just have fun, get through it and ‘Let it Go’ channeling my inner Disney at this point…….

They call the 10:45 heat and they shove us into the chute but before we get to the starting line we have to all go over this wall (walls, ugh more to come on these later) and this is where I get my first injury, seriously, before the race even started – LOL! I smashed it on the corner of the wall while trying to hoist my leg over it – only me! I was able to shake it off and forget about it once the race started.

Basically we had to run up the ski mountain and do some obstacles then run down the ski mountain and do some obstacles and do that 6 times! Of course we worked our way across several mountains and woods, some were the actual ski slopes, but for the most part they were very off-road, steep and tedious. Now the obstacles ranged from walls – my kryptonite – literally I sucked at the walls, thank god I hooked up with the awesome Chris and Mario – they literally helped my big butt over every wall – to lifting and carrying a 65lb. ball of steel, dragging a rock through the woods, carrying a log through the woods, carrying a sandbag, a military crawl under barbed wire uphill, rope climb through mud, monkey bars, spear throwing and the elusive fire jump! I’m happy to say that I attempted all of the challenges. I did not however, complete all of the changes, and that is okay. I had a lot of help with some of the obstacles, and they actually encouraged that. They said right before we started that we could help each other out. It was really exciting to see the mile markers, what wasn’t exciting was I thought that it was a 5K, or 3.2 miles….but what I realized was that it was about 4.7 miles once I had already started!! Oooops!

The day was really hot and the hills were super dusty which translated to slippery. Then once we went into the mud obstacles, everything became super gooey, sticky and even more slippery. But I have to say once I fell off the monkey bars into the mud pit, it felt awesome, minus it going up my nose and into my ears. It really cooled me off. I did have an awesome time, and the beer after was fabulous, except after a few sips I wanted to puke! And the drive home sucked because it was just me. But now I get to call myself a Spartan and you can laugh at these awesome photos that the Official Spartan Photographers captured of me 😉




The elusive military barb crawl up the mountain – stretching my back this time – basically it’s a shot of my arm and top of my head…sexy I know 😉
This is the log carry – it was one of the easiest obstacles – log was hollow I think but we will say it was hard 🙂





So this is supposed to be the most epic of all finishes and I’m so exhausted I can’t even jump high enough to go over the fire – and yeah my foot hits one of the logs and I burn my leg…EPIC alright!
Still burning here….
That’s Chris and Marco jumping behind me they looks way better than me…
And if you look close enough you can see me laughing hysterically because I just bombed the last obstacle!!






Spartan Race Preview Or the Weekend I May Die | Heidi Hanson Photography Connecticut and Beyond

So as some of you who have been following me, may know that this Sunday I am doing my first, and probably my last, Spartan Sprint.  It is at Tuxedo Ridge Ski Center in New York.  I’m running the Sprint which is just a 5K, wiht a friend who was crazy enough to do this with me.  Under the name Team Chaos.  Named appropriately!  When I first signed up for this opportunity I was training really hard for it, running a lot, doing a lot of core work and even the monkey bars on the playground with my daughter.

Well then life happened or what I like to call the ‘chaos of the season’  aka wedding season, the weeks of where soccer and baseball intersect Mid-April to June.  And well the training took a back seat and it wasn’t even a backseat driver.  Yes I was still able to get a few runs in 26.8 in March, 18.5miles in April and 22 miles in May (not too shabby), but not as many as I should’ve done.

Part of the training has also been reading a few blogs about what other people have done to train and what some of the obstacles may be, because of course you don’t know what they are until you get there and start the race.  Almost always there is a fire element, i.e. jumping over a fire…like this one

Image from Spartan Race
Image from Spartan Race









And there is almost always a military crawl in mud

Image from Spartan Race
Image from Spartan Race









And sometimes barbed wire….

Image from Spartan Race
Image from Spartan Race









So I have prepared my self and my friend Jen who has so graciously agreed to be my one teammate on Team Chaos, that we are going to finish, while we may crawl across the finish line, we are going to finish.  We will get that free beer at the finish line, and it will taste amazing.  We will laugh a lot, probably cry more, and certainly hopefully have a very memorable time!

And perhaps maybe die…..just kidding!

So wish us good luck or say a little prayer if you are the praying type.  Think of us on Sunday as you are with your families or having that backyard cookout or just relaxing or laying in bed that extra hour or snuggling with your puppies or babies, because we will be laying in a vat of mud, climbing that rope climb that we all hated from gym class and trying to not get burned by the fire pit or break a leg or anything really for that matter.

Another Epic Easter | Heidi Hanson Photography

Our family rotates holidays,  I choose Easter because it is easy, we have a big yard for the egg hunt and you can’t mess up ham.  Well yesterday went a little less smooth.  The kids were up early, like hours earlier than usual, we’re talking 5am, Berkeley busted into our room saying Trick or Treat, look what the Easter Bunny left me!

Fast forward to an hour later my husband and I furiously cleaning/vacuuming and mopping our house (because the day of a holiday is the perfect time to mop)!  The day before we couldn’t do much cleaning we had two soccer games and a 2+ hour baseball game plus I had neglected to go to the grocery store all week due to school vacation week!  I avoid the grocery store at all costs when my kids are around, it is just so much easier without them.  However, that being said it was an absolute nightmare the day before a holiday, what was I thinking!!!

Okay back on track here, so I was able to at least shower and then get dressed quickly guests were arriving around 11:30, perfect timing until I realized I hadn’t yet put the ham in the over or even calculated how long it takes to cook (aka warm up) the ham.  Oops yeah 18 pounds of ham is like 3.5+ hours, yeah so it was pretty much down hill from there.

From the kids seeing daddy and Uncle Jay ‘hiding’ the eggs and thinking there is no Easter Bunny to my oven getting to hot and locking me out of it; to my son not wanting to share any of his toys, to my son eating 5 cookies and asking for a cake pop every 5 minutes of the day, dinner being served two hours late, it was Epic alright, an epic fail!

We we at least recovered the no Easter Bunny part by saying the Easter Bunny was really tired and left the eggs in a dangerous part of our really big circle driveway and they had to be moved to the ‘safe’ part of our yard and counted so we knew how many each kid could get 😉 Oh yeah, lots of lies folks…..

Anyway, here are the few photos that I did manage to capture, I don’t think any of the kids are actually looking at the camera at the same time…..


















In my next 39 years | Heidi Hanson Wedding Photographer


Wow yep it has come and gone – my 39th birthday….this is officially my last year in 30’s.  Yesterday I was recovering from a wedding as I celebrated my 39th birthday.  It was kind of a weird day, birthdays have never really meant a lot to me, or felt like a huge special day, I guess maybe when I was younger they were awesome and I liked to make a big deal out of them.  I like making more of a big deal out of my kid’s birthday or even my husband’s than my own.  But all day long I kept singing Tim McGraw’s “My Next 30’s Years” in my head of course because out loud we sang “Let it Go” very loudly in the backyard as we were playing bocce and the girls crushed it hardcore – I’m happy to say – despite my son’s constant heckling and screaming out “Noonan” – yes that’s from Caddyshack….best Mom of the year here!

Anyhow, so the song got me to thinking of my last year in the 30‘s and how I really do need to ‘live it up’ and all these amazing things I have planned.  Also my bucket list, how many things I can get crossed off in this monumental year so here’s my song:

I think I’ll take a moment, and honor my age

The ending of an era and the turning of a page

Now it’s time to hone in on where I go from here

Everyone around better watch out for this crazy year


In this next year I’m gonna have some fun

Try to forget about all the boring things I’ve done

Maybe now I’ve done all my civic duties

And I’ll live better in my next year


This next year I’m gonna settle all the scores

Cry a little less, laugh a lot more

Embrace this world of chaos without a care in the world

Figure out just what I’m supposed to do

In my next year


Oh my next year, I’m gonna loose those last 7 pounds

Drink a few more martinis and that’s okay

Run a few more miles too because I love it

I’ll definitely remember this next year


My next year will be the craziest year of my life

Raise this kookie family and hang out with my Gage

Make chaotic memories with the ones that I love most

Make the best of this milestone year because I’m 39



Rebuilding Year | Fairfield Connecticut Wedding Photographer | Heidi Hanson Photography

You know how it is March Madness – I’m sure some of you out there know about this right?  Well right now my brackets are horrific, like literally, really bad. Who knew Duke would go out this early? I am in no means a Duke fan, not that that’s a bad thing, or a good thing, but has anyone even heard of Mercer??  Where are they even from??  Okay I’m not sure, but I always love myself a Cinderella story even if it destroys my brackets!  And this dude right here, didn’t score at all, but man can he dance!

And you don’t even want me to talk about Syracuse and how the Orangement have also destroyed any hopes of me salvaging any hope of a win anywhere else.   Yes, I’m from CT and yes I’m a Huskies fan and how could I even thought to choose the Orangemen to go to the final four…I know hanging my head in shame, but for you sports fans you get it right?

Okay, so you are probably wondering why I am even talking sport right now, right?  Well folks this is my re-building year!  It is my year to refocus what I am good at, what I like to photograph and what I LOVE doing.  That’s right it’s all about ME – LOL and in turn it will be all about you!  So I’m happy to announce that going forward I am going to be just photographing engagements and weddings.  I am going to be rebranding the boudoir photography that I do to a whole different look and new website.  I will continue to do newborn and maternity for my previous couples – so don’t worry.

These are major changes for me, and I am really happy about it. It really leaves me a lot of time to really focus on what I love and what I think my individual strengths are and I really think that this will lead me to being less fragmented and more organized.  I am going to be working on a newly updated website (two actually), rolling out a new logo, new marketing materials and am already networking and looking forward to meeting with some photographers that have already reached out to help!  Very exciting things coming my way during this March madness time!

So here’s hoping everyone else’s brackets aren’t as crazy as mine!



Shea and Frankie a Cabela’s Maternity Session | Heidi Hanson Photography Specializing in Weddings

Shea and Frankie are one of those couples that are up for anything, literally. I think that is why I love them so much.  I had the pleasure of photographing their wedding last year.  And when She found out she was pregnant I was one of the elite few who she told 🙂  Yeah they are those kind of clients, the kind that are awesome friends.  The kind that are there for you when you have a bad day, that you can vent to.  And vice versa.  We text and Facebook often, I wish we could see each other more but life gets in the way, and  we live at complete opposite ends of the state – literally Easton and Vernon.

A week ago I had the pleasure of taking their maternity photos.  With it being March and New England weather, not knowing what it would be like, we needed a location indoors.  We were fortunate in that Cabela’s allowed us to take photos at their awesome store, which was great because Frankie is an avid outdoorsman and I secretly love it there too, but don’t tell my husband!

Apparently they had a staff meeting before we arrived because when we got there all the staff were eager to meet us and said oh wow you’re the pregnant lady and you must be the photographer – so much for sliding under the radar!  But it was a blast. We had so much fun wandering around the store – here are some of our favorite photos….