2014 Where Did You Go | Heidi Hanson Photography

I feel like at this stage of the game we are all always wondering what happened?  How did the year fly?  How are my kids another year older?  I don’t even remember everything that happened this year!  I blinked and I feel like I missed everything!


I’d like to say 2014 was a kick ass awesome year personally and professionally for me – but yeah it wasn’t.  There were struggles, with both.  But isn’t life supposed to be easy right?  While I only had 23 photo shoots this year I feel like they all were awesome and I had a blast with each and everyone of my clients.  I also did a lot of networking and met a ton of new vendors.  In 2015 I will get more outside of my comfort zone and network even more and really hustle and hopefully get more referrals.

Personally, well it’s never easy with a husband that works non-stop and two kids that are involved with crazy before school AND after-school activities as well as weekend sporting events, to run a business, but we made do (I think) and we never left anyone Home Alone style anyway 😉 And I even managed to coach my daughter’s soccer team and my husband and I both coached my daughter and son’s baseball teams (I know parents of the year right)!!


So for 2015 I’m not making any resolutions – I’m making little daily (or maybe weekly-baby steps right) tasks/resolutions for things that I need/want to do and then crossing them off as I finish them!

I feel like odd years are always more of MY YEAR – plus this year I will be the big 40!

So that means I have no excuses!  Cheers to 2015 and whatever it may bring you!!  xoxo Heidi

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