Lisa and Bob Married | Mill on the River Wedding |Heidi Hanson Photography

I was really excited to photograph Lisa and Bob’s wedding day at the gorgeous Mill on the River in South Windsor.  I instantly fell in love with Lisa and Bob when I met them at their engagement session in the freezing cold.  Lisa is an amazing athlete, she’s a runner too like me.  But way more badass than me,  she runs marathons all around the country – and has a room full of medals – she’s kind of awesome!  Because this was a second wedding for them, it was extremely important to include their children – who are are just simply adorable – and they were a little non-traditional and decided to get ready together.  It was a lot of fun – here are some of my favorite photos from their gorgeous September wedding day.

Lisa and Bob Married-4 Lisa and Bob Married-25 Lisa and Bob Married-29

Lisa and Bob Married-120

Lisa and Bob Married-38

Lisa and Bob Married-54

Lisa and Bob Married-57

Lisa and Bob Married-88Lisa and Bob Married-125Lisa and Bob Married-172Lisa and Bob Married-207Lisa and Bob Married-195Lisa and Bob Married-224Lisa and Bob Married-343Lisa and Bob Married-359Lisa and Bob Married-588Lisa and Bob Married-589Lisa and Bob Married-590Lisa and Bob Married-593Lisa and Bob Married-600Lisa and Bob Married-601Lisa and Bob Married-604Lisa and Bob Married-605Lisa and Bob Married-613Lisa and Bob Married-609Lisa and Bob Married-566

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