Dimi and Nicholas | Trumbull Engagement Session | Heidi Hanson Photography

I knew as soon as I took the first photo of these two that I was going to LOVE, and I mean LOVE, working with them.  You know when some couples just have “IT” well Dimi and Nick do.  They are so in love with each other and swoon over each other, non-stop.  But it isn’t just that, they are hilarious, have the same interests and are just literally perfect for each other and Nick is totally fine with the fact that Dimi is taller than him (and she wore heels to the engagement session).

We had a fairly chilly fall day, but the colors were gorgeous and it was great because it gave the two of them lots of chances to snuggle and I love me some snuggle pictures, in fact I think they really forgot I was there.  There was no posing to be done again these two had “IT” they are absolute naturals.

I cannot wait for their wedding next year.

Dimi and Nick Engaged-123

Dimi and Nick Engaged-111 Dimi and Nick Engaged-109 Dimi and Nick Engaged-104 Dimi and Nick Engaged-23Dimi and Nick Engaged-17Dimi and Nick Engaged-12Dimi and Nick Engaged-77

Dimi and Nick Engaged-37Dimi and Nick Engaged-27Dimi and Nick Engaged-44Dimi and Nick Engaged-47_edited-1Dimi and Nick Engaged-84Dimi and Nick Engaged-73Dimi and Nick Engaged-86Dimi and Nick Engaged-95Dimi and Nick Engaged-106Dimi and Nick Engaged-108Dimi and Nick Engaged-112Dimi and Nick Engaged-116Dimi and Nick Engaged-119Dimi and Nick Engaged-134Dimi and Nick Engaged-136Dimi and Nick Engaged-138Dimi and Nick Engaged-140Dimi and Nick Engaged-145Dimi and Nick Engaged-151Dimi and Nick Engaged-152Dimi and Nick Engaged-153Dimi and Nick Engaged-154

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