Spartan Race Preview Or the Weekend I May Die | Heidi Hanson Photography Connecticut and Beyond

So as some of you who have been following me, may know that this Sunday I am doing my first, and probably my last, Spartan Sprint.  It is at Tuxedo Ridge Ski Center in New York.  I’m running the Sprint which is just a 5K, wiht a friend who was crazy enough to do this with me.  Under the name Team Chaos.  Named appropriately!  When I first signed up for this opportunity I was training really hard for it, running a lot, doing a lot of core work and even the monkey bars on the playground with my daughter.

Well then life happened or what I like to call the ‘chaos of the season’  aka wedding season, the weeks of where soccer and baseball intersect Mid-April to June.  And well the training took a back seat and it wasn’t even a backseat driver.  Yes I was still able to get a few runs in 26.8 in March, 18.5miles in April and 22 miles in May (not too shabby), but not as many as I should’ve done.

Part of the training has also been reading a few blogs about what other people have done to train and what some of the obstacles may be, because of course you don’t know what they are until you get there and start the race.  Almost always there is a fire element, i.e. jumping over a fire…like this one

Image from Spartan Race
Image from Spartan Race









And there is almost always a military crawl in mud

Image from Spartan Race
Image from Spartan Race









And sometimes barbed wire….

Image from Spartan Race
Image from Spartan Race









So I have prepared my self and my friend Jen who has so graciously agreed to be my one teammate on Team Chaos, that we are going to finish, while we may crawl across the finish line, we are going to finish.  We will get that free beer at the finish line, and it will taste amazing.  We will laugh a lot, probably cry more, and certainly hopefully have a very memorable time!

And perhaps maybe die…..just kidding!

So wish us good luck or say a little prayer if you are the praying type.  Think of us on Sunday as you are with your families or having that backyard cookout or just relaxing or laying in bed that extra hour or snuggling with your puppies or babies, because we will be laying in a vat of mud, climbing that rope climb that we all hated from gym class and trying to not get burned by the fire pit or break a leg or anything really for that matter.

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