Year End Reflection | Heidi Hanson Photography Specializing in Weddings

Wow, so goodbye 2013.  You literally flew by! Whew…this was probably one of the suckiest (yes I said it – so it has to be word) years personally for me EVER.  And of course one of the hardest blog posts for me to write.  I got this awesome planning packet from a great website, which I cannot remember now…..So in helping me plan for 2014, it gives me a chance to look back at 2013 and all your accomplishments.  At first I felt wow this was going to be easy, and then as soon as I put the pen to paper, I kind of paused, almost like I was scared to write, and then I froze like someone was watching over me; ready to buzz that big buzzer from Family Feud with the X you know like X you’re wrong! That’s not an accomplishment!  Or maybe I just dated myself and should say more like American’s Got Talent, you walk up to the microphone ready to belt out this amazing song you’ve been working on for years and then all of a sudden Howie hits the button and the huge red X appears over your name on stage and the audience boos you.  It was that kind of fear.

What did I really accomplish this past year?

It wasn’t really that much of a successful year was it?

Maybe it was more of a learning year, was that a way to approach it?

So after a panic attack or two, I took a deep breath and then reassessed the situation.  I looked at the number of weddings, family sessions and boudoir clients (my new favorite) I got to capture this past year. The number of new clients I got to meet.  The number of clients that turned into friends. It felt better seeing these little things as accomplishments.  Then my pen started flowing, and I even went on to another page 🙂

The next section was way easier, things that didn’t work – aka where you sucked this year – no panic attacks here and no time to pause – again the pen started flowing of course much easier this time.

So of course I wanted this post to not turn into a negative nilly – oh woe is me blog post.  I also don’t want to announce anything too prematurely, but I do have some ideas up my sleeve.  So I think today I will just leave you with I have some hopefully, interesting things coming down the pike for 2014 and hopefully some successful ventures for me and my business.  And I hope that everyone will stay with me during this time and get ready for this roller coaster we all call LIFE!

Happy New Year!!  Bring on 2014 BABY!!

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