You know when you just have one of those days?  Well I’ve been having one of those weeks.  What is it about short weeks that are ridiculous for me?  I swear these short weeks are beginning to be a curse for me!

Lots of stress and many little things going wrong, constantly!  The week started off with our very sick doggy, Vegas (who has lymphoma for the second time) having accidents in the house.  Let me tell you walking into a house with the stench of diarrhea hitting you in the face, after baking in the house all day with no windows open (or a/c on because oh yeah that’s broken) is not a pleasant smell.

The day continued with my children screaming “Mom come here quick, we found something!”

“We found something” as I said to myself, great it is probably a rock or feather or a dandelion….

Nope, it was a baby bird, a fledgling (as I learned the proper term).  Apparently she/he was either sick, or had been kicked out in hope of ‘learning’ to fly.  That’s right this poor bird got kicked out to learn how to fly from the ground up.  Hmmm that would never fly, excuse the pun, with children!  So in an effort to not have my dogs eat her/him, we picked him up put him in a nest (that had been collected from one of those days when the kids are like, “mom guess what we found,”)  and put him in a little tree.  High enough from the dogs, but still low enough so we could check on him.  We also gave him a few worms, not regurgitated, whole of course.

Fast forward to later in the night I’m trying to cook these amazing filet mignon (on the grill of course) and then Bam! Thunder/Lightning and NO PROPANE.  Called my husband out to change the propane tank…and what do you know? The ‘spare’ tank is also empty!!

Fast forward to bringing the steaks inside, broil, 10 minutes….well 8 minutes go by….I look up and the entire house is full of smoke!  Yep, couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face!  In a fury we run and open all the windows, doors, begin fanning it outside as fast as possible.  Then WOOO, WOOO, WOOO the fire alarm goes off.  Now this is the first time we’ve ever heard it, it is wired into our alarm system…had no idea how to turn it off and the WOOOO, WOOOO, WOOOO kept going!    Finally it stops and then our phone rings….alarm guy, “Everything ok? Need us to signal the Fire Department?”  No my husband says, “It’s just my wife burning dinner…”

Ugh, and I want everyone to know, dinner wasn’t burned….there is some gunk in the bottom of my oven that got angry!  The Steaks were fabulous….

So back to the crazy storm, the entire time, I’m trying to sleep my poor doggie is so scared, so she’s practically on top of me and shaking…and the bird, little guy never stood a chance.

Last night we buried little birdy, said a prayer and made a little grave stone out of rocks and sticks.  My son even cried, which of course made me cry!  Of course my daughter in her crazy, independent fashion began dancing on the bird’s grave…you have to know her…it is her style…

So with just one day left of this week (I’m not counting Saturday), I am hoping for no bombshells, peculiar happenings, déjà vu moments, or anything else that may materialize……wish me luck….I’m going out on a boat!

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