This week has been full of lots of frustrations for me, personally, professional, and every other –ly possible. So I’m trying to not let it get me down, although it is hard with this crazy weather, very easy to stay blue when the rain keeps on a ‘coming.

So instead of wanting to grab the chocolate, put on my pj’s and wrap myself up in a blanket and park myself in front of the TV, I’m going to get out of this funk….

I’m moving forward, thinking of the things I should be happy about, Things that I can change to make me move forward.

So, this weekend will be one of two days to concentrate on. This weekend the kids have baseball and soccer! My son never wanted to play soccer, which was heartbreaking to me, being a high school and college soccer player, but now that he scores goals he LOVES it!

We also have baseball, again being a high school and college softball player, it kills me that my kids have no interest in it, it is soooo boring, but that’s okay. I will get over it b/c t-ball and baseball games are fun to watch! Even if my son throws his glove up in the air, or puts it on his head, I will still be proud that he is trying!

We will also be going to a fun Cinco de Mayo event at Earthplace. An awesome little nature center in Westport, CT. We love supporting Earthplace and who what kid doesn’t want to break a piñata and eat tacos and jump in a moon bounce all day???

Then of course the true passion of the weekend, a fun family shoot! So looking forward to meeting this new family.

So as frustrating as this week has been, there is only one day left, and this weekend is going to be awesome!

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