“Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail”. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today’s post is more of a personal side of me.  I’ve always been an athlete, an overachiever, someone that doesn’t like to take no for an answer.

I love to run, it is calming, a stress release and really fun.

I was diagnosed with spondylolisthesis and degenerated discs a few months ago, what does that all mean?  Basically my back is messed up, needs surgery, no more running….No more running was the one thing I didn’t want to hear my doctor say.  Even though I knew he was going to say it, I didn’t want to hear it.  Running was everything to me. I had been training for a marathon, a goal I have had for several years, and now….

Well I’m not giving up!

So now I swim or use the elliptical trainer.  While it isn’t as stress releasing or as much fun, it is still exercise.

I’m not giving up though, one day I know I will be able to run again.

So this translates to everything that I do.  When there is an obstacle, I don’t give up.  When my husband and I were having trouble getting pregnant, I wasn’t going to give up.  And today we have two beautiful children, who are hilarious, goofy, challenging and sweet.

Moving from a partnership of PHphotography to a solo Heidi Hanson Photography is a scary!  Moving to full-time is even scarier! It will be a  challenge, but it will be fun, exciting, rewarding and I’m not giving up.

No matter what your dream is, push through the pain, the obstacles, the tough times, the no-sayers and anything negative.

I urge you to pursue your dream.  Never Give Up

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