LISTS | CT Wedding Photography by Heidi Hanson (aka. PHphotography)

I’m definitely a list person. Have been for quite some time. I make lists for parties we are planning, holiday shopping and even on vacation…even though I know I won’t forget to pack the kids’ underwear, I still have to put it on the list.

So last night I sat down and wrote out a list of to-dos, hoping that if I narrowed it down to something small and attainable, I could at least accomplish some of it. So last night’s list was to go to the post office, the bank, copy a contract for 2013, update my Facebook page, blog and…well you can see what the last one is….

I’m happy to report that 4 out of the 6 of those have already been accomplished! I know it doesn’t sound like much, but for me lists work.  The more I can cross off the more accomplished I will feel.

And now to the fun part of my list….

I will be hosting Easter this weekend, it is my one holiday that I do because I can’t mess up the dinner. Literally you really can’t ruin ham (well I guess if I left it in too long I could, but no that won’t happen)..

Easter martinis – yes they will be served, tonight I will experiment to see which ones make the list.  While I am anxious to cross this part off my list, I will take my time J

So to all of you out there that make lists, rock on and for those of you who don’t….I highly recommend it…it can change your life.

One cross-out at a time.

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