Yesterday was a life changing day. I was to meet with Justin & Mary and have a mentorship session with the most amazing rockstar photography duo ever.  I was having a bad hair day, horrible time finding just the right outfit to wear, was nervous about getting there too early and possibly late.  You never know with 95 what traffic is going to be like.

It was sunny when I left, but as I continued North up to New Haven it got darker, darker, rain a little, and then BAM-full on pouring, thunder and lighting.  Was this a sign?  Should I turn back now? I was close to a panic attack with all the anxiety building up!

I found their house, the cutest ever, right across from gorgeous Long Island Sound.  (Where the famous red coat photo was taken).    As I parked and walked up to the front door, my heart was pounding, felt like it was leaping out of my chest from all the nervousness, excitement, what will they think about me, etc., etc., etc.  All that nervousness went away when Justin greeted me with a huge hug; and Mary was equally kind with a hug.  Mary suggested a trip to Chili’s for some mid-afternoon margaritas to kick off our mentoring session…..I knew this was going to be awesome!

We dove right in and I was taking notes as fast as I could.   Mary was firing questions left and right, I felt a little like I was on the witness stand, but I loved it all.  Their suggestions were awesome. We discussed pricing, branding, blogging, editing and everything photography. They are amazing at what they do and I feel blessed that I was able to meet them and soak up some of their wisdom.

So now, onto my big ideas.  I am looking forward to the next few months of re-branding, growing and continuing to accomplishing my big ideas.  And filling up this awesome notebook!


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