Engagement Session Inspiration | CT Wedding Photography by PHphotography, LLC

I absolutely love doing engagement sessions. It really gives you a chance to get to know the couple and really see how much they are meant to be.  I usually tell my clients that anything goes.  When I first mention engagement sessions for my couples a lot of them are confused about where they should take place.  Often people want the beach or a park, which I absolutely love, but I always challenge them to think outside the box.

Where did you two meet? Where did you get engaged?  Where do you visit often? What do you like to do for fun?  Often these questions really get them thinking and bam we’re off.

Other times, like Jen and Adam, they knew they wanted a waterfall.  So Adam chose Kent Falls State Park in Kent.  It took over a day to get there, but wow was it amazing!  No it didn’t really take that long, only two hours, but it was so worth the trip. The day was gorgeous, the couple was gorgeous and they were so giggly!  I instantly fell in love with them….

And I think you will too…

So their wedding has come and gone, but they are by far one of my favorite couples and yes I did make them go in the water J

So for all those newly engaged couples and those who have engagement sessions coming up soon, I challenge you to find the spot.   Did you meet a bar? Let’s recreate it!  Do you go to baseball games, well then batter up!  Do you work out a lot; ok let’s hit the locker room!

The more fun you make it, the more amazing the photos are going to be and the more you will remember how much you love each other.

2 thoughts on “Engagement Session Inspiration | CT Wedding Photography by PHphotography, LLC

  1. I encourage all to really think it through and decide where you want the photo shoot to take place. These images will be the ones you look back on before the wedding, and will keep coming back to after.

    This was one of the most enjoyable and down right silly experiences I have ever had. Yes I did drag everyone two hours away, however once we got there and we saw the beauty of the surroundings we knew it was worth it. That is what you are looking for, a place to go above and beyond your own expectations, but still bring you to a state of serenity. It definitely helps when you have an amazing time with the photographer as well 🙂

    These are the times to cherish… so sit back, relax, find that tranquil surrounding and enjoy every second of it!

    – Adam (from the story) 🙂

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