Bridal Show Prep | Connecticut Wedding and Event Photographers, PHphotography | Connecticut Children and Families Photography by PHphotography

So the big bridal show is tomorrow (Wedding Styles of Connecticut Bridal Show). This is our third year attending, so I think the obsessing has started (at least mentally). I have a list that is constantly by my side, I keep thinking of new things, like pens, clipboards and contact information forms.  I also think that business cards are on their several times because I always forget them!

Just got an email that the last show display a canvas from a November wedding is sitting at the front door…cannot wait to get home to see it!  Everything is sort of gathered in its own chaotic way, but I know where everything is, in my office/dining room.

So tonight, the car seats will get shoved closer together, the easels, boxes, albums, candy, tablecloths, pricing information, and BUSINESS CARDS, will get packed.  Then tonight I will spend a sleepless night, obsessing about what I forgot, wondering if the business cards got packed, getting up and putting more in my purse just in case I forgot to put them in the car, tossing and turning, anxious to meet all the new brides and grooms, and looking forward to seeing all the other vendors and networking.

So if you aren’t already signed up, please join us at the Wedding Styles of Connecticut Bridal Show at the Toyota Presents Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, CT tomorrow from 5:00pm-9:00pm.  Stop by and learn more about PHphotography and our style, why we love weddings so much…oh and take home a business card 🙂


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