Caren and Pat

Heidi and I met Caren and Pat at a very crowded mall Starbucks. But we were captured by their story the moment we met them, and by the way they looked at each other with overwhelming love. They are high school sweethearts who dated for a while, went their separate ways, and then life eventually brought them back to each other. We had the pleasure and honor of capturing the wedding of this amazing love story. Thank you, Caren and Pat, we loved it. 

C&P Weded 0059~

C&P Weded 0073~

C&P Weded 0079This is Caren’s dad… 


C&P Weded 0114~

C&P Weded 0104~

C&P Weded 0235a~

C&P Weded 0198There were so many kids, and Caren and Pat did a beautiful kid’s table, and tent… 


C&P Weded 0306~