Meet Hashtag #hansonpup

So we got a puppy, a big puppy…..a Rhodesian Ridgeback.  Without a ridge.  Yes they come without a ridge.  They are either born with or without a ridge.  And my son, Stryder chose one without a ridge.  He actually chose my son.  He is named Hashtag.  A name that was heavily debated in the Hanson household for several months while we waiting for Mr. Hashtag to be born and then anxiously awaited to meet him and wait again for him to be ready to come home!

So he finally came home a few weeks ago – he’s still getting acclimated, but we love him (especially when he sleeps).  He’s very cuddly and super soft!

Here are some photos from his first photoshoot……without further adieu

Here’s Hashtag

Dimi Glamour | Heidi Hanson Glamour Photography

I’m so pleased to announce my Boudoir and Glamour Photography side of Heidi Hanson Photography – Boudoir by Heidi Hanson.   It has been a long time in the making I LOVE  how the website has turned out.

We now offer glamour AND boudoir or you can do a combination with your session.  Hair and makeup on-site, and we can either come to you, you can come to us in Fairfield County or we can find a mutually agreed upon location.  So there are a ton of options.

Please visit the site to find out more information and check out all the gorgeous ladies on there.

Below you see beautiful images of Dimi – one of my past brides who so graciously has helped me to build my new portfolio…nothing but love for Dimi.


Heidi Hanson photography

Connecticut Glamour Photography


Glamour Photography

Connecticut Glamour Photography

Glamour Photography in Connecticut

connecticut glamour photography

glamour photography in connecticut

glamour photography connecticut


Glamour Photography by Heidi Hanson

Glamour Photography in Connecticut


Dimi and Nick a Seaside Affair by Heidi Hanson Photography

In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours.
In all the world, there is no love for you like mine.”
Maya Angelou

To say that Dimi and Nick were one of my favorite couples is an understatement!  They are fun, funny and perfect for each other.  The way they look at each other, you just can instantly feel the love between them, it gives me goosebumps!   Plus they are so easy to photograph.

Their wedding was so pretty and a ton of fun – here are a few of my favorite images from their big day:

Dimi and Nicholas Married-12

Dimi and Nicholas Married-50

Dimi and Nicholas Married-71

Dimi and Nicholas Married-83

Dimi and Nicholas Married-104

Dimi and Nicholas Married-158

Dimi and Nicholas Married-198

Dimi and Nicholas Married-218

Dimi and Nicholas Married-244

Dimi and Nicholas Married-360

Dimi and Nicholas Married-364

Dimi and Nicholas Married-393

Dimi and Nicholas Married-389

Dimi and Nicholas Married-399

Dimi and Nicholas Married-428

Dimi and Nicholas Married-575

Dimi and Nicholas Married-256

Dimi and Nicholas Married-275

Dimi and Nicholas Married-300

Dimi and Nicholas Married-569

Dimi and Nicholas Married-569

Dimi and Nicholas Married-532

Dimi and Nicholas Married-552

Dimi and Nicholas Married-547

Dimi and Nicholas Married-565

Dimi and Nicholas Married-539

Dimi and Nicholas Married-589

Dimi and Nicholas Married-578

Dimi and Nicholas Married-581

Dimi and Nicholas Married-586

Dimi and Nicholas Married-603

Dimi and Nicholas Married-607

Dimi and Nicholas Married-611

Dimi and Nicholas Married-674

Dimi and Nicholas Married-676

Dimi and Nicholas Married-678

Dimi and Nicholas Married-1039

Dimi and Nicholas Married-1046

Dimi and Nicholas Married-1048

The Best of 2014 – At Least I think so | Heidi Hanson Photography NYC, CT and Beyond Wedding Photography

I always love doing these posts because it gives me a chance to relive some of the awesome moments of the year before.  Some that totally make me laugh, smile and yep, even get teary eyed.  One thing is for sure, I love all my clients – they rock!  In this particular post I’m just doing weddings of 2014 – don’t worry I will be doing engagements in another 😉

Last year I had weddings as far away as Boston and Canterbury (yes that’s in CT)!  Also as close to my house as Norwalk and it was in the middle of a monsoon – but you’d never know because the bride and groom let it roll right off and the caterers rocked it out – like it was no big deal.

We had one amazing fairytale wedding and one amazing wedding where the groom actually helped the bride get dressed (yep, you read that right)!  It was a first for me too and I loved everything about it.  That is why I love what I do, every wedding is different, fun, unique and that is my style!

So without further ado – here are my awesome moments of 2014 that I share with you….

The Details

Sharon and Eric Married-29







Lisa and Bob Married-38







fun wedding photography ct









ct wedding photography_edited-1









nyc wedding photography










Danyelle and Dan Married -62








Sharon and Eric Married-20










Rebecca and Mark Married (670 of 1293)









Sheri and Donnie-10









Sheri and Donnie-18










Rebecca and Mark Married (651 of 1293)









Rebecca and Mark Married (260 of 1293)










Rebecca and Mark Married (188 of 1293)










Lisa and Bob Married-4










Lisa and Bob Married-57










Sharon and Eric Married-10













Sharon and Eric Married-326







Sharon and Eric Married-170




fun wedding photography








Rebecca and Mark Married (1119 of 1293)






Rebecca and Mark Married (11 of 1293)









I Do

Danyelle and Dan Married -119








Lisa and Bob Married-195















Rebecca and Mark Married (514 of 1293)







Rebecca and Mark Married (518 of 1293)









Sharon and Eric Married-159










All Hands On Deck (i.e. Getting Ready)

Lisa and Bob Married-88









Rebecca and Mark Married (343 of 1293)







Rebecca and Mark Married (339 of 1293)
















Rebecca and Mark Married (298 of 1293)









Sharon and Eric Married-95









Sharon and Eric Married-97









Danyelle and Dan Married -12









Danyelle and Dan Married -72












Danyelle and Dan Married -108

Danyelle and Dan Married -726





 RI Wedding Photographer




Lisa and Bob Married-613

Rebecca and Mark Married (155 of 1293)

Rebecca and Mark Married (262 of 1293)

Lisa and Bob Married-172









Bridal Party

Lisa and Bob Married-609









Rebecca and Mark Married (711 of 1293)














Rebecca and Mark Married (766 of 1293)





















jon and mychaela-9










Rebecca and Mark Married (416 of 1293)
























Rebecca and Mark Married (161 of 1293)







Sheri and Donnie-52






Sheri and Donnie-232








Just The Couple

Sheri and Donnie-230









Sharon and Eric Married-255







Lisa and Bob Married-600









Lisa and Bob Married-588

















Danyelle and Dan Married -215








Crazy Fun Times

Lisa and Bob Married-125









Sheri and Donnie-388













jon and mychaela-11









Danyelle and Dan Married -882







Lisa and Bob Married-473







Lisa and Bob Married-566







Sharon and Eric Married-365







Sharon and Eric Married-478









Sheri and Donnie-198







Sheri and Donnie-227









Sheri and Donnie-386









Sheri and Donnie-397








Everything Else That I Love

Sheri and Donnie-114









Sheri and Donnie-336






Sharon and Eric Married-234







Sharon and Eric Married-109









Sharon and Eric Married-84







Sharon and Eric Married-44







Rebecca and Mark Married (783 of 1293)









Rebecca and Mark Married (586 of 1293)









Rebecca and Mark Married (596 of 1293)







Lisa and Bob Married-372










Lisa and Bob Married-25









Danyelle and Dan Married -319










Rebecca and Mark Married (376 of 1293)

2014 Where Did You Go | Heidi Hanson Photography

I feel like at this stage of the game we are all always wondering what happened?  How did the year fly?  How are my kids another year older?  I don’t even remember everything that happened this year!  I blinked and I feel like I missed everything!


I’d like to say 2014 was a kick ass awesome year personally and professionally for me – but yeah it wasn’t.  There were struggles, with both.  But isn’t life supposed to be easy right?  While I only had 23 photo shoots this year I feel like they all were awesome and I had a blast with each and everyone of my clients.  I also did a lot of networking and met a ton of new vendors.  In 2015 I will get more outside of my comfort zone and network even more and really hustle and hopefully get more referrals.

Personally, well it’s never easy with a husband that works non-stop and two kids that are involved with crazy before school AND after-school activities as well as weekend sporting events, to run a business, but we made do (I think) and we never left anyone Home Alone style anyway 😉 And I even managed to coach my daughter’s soccer team and my husband and I both coached my daughter and son’s baseball teams (I know parents of the year right)!!


So for 2015 I’m not making any resolutions – I’m making little daily (or maybe weekly-baby steps right) tasks/resolutions for things that I need/want to do and then crossing them off as I finish them!

I feel like odd years are always more of MY YEAR – plus this year I will be the big 40!

So that means I have no excuses!  Cheers to 2015 and whatever it may bring you!!  xoxo Heidi

Lisa and Bob Married | Mill on the River Wedding |Heidi Hanson Photography

I was really excited to photograph Lisa and Bob’s wedding day at the gorgeous Mill on the River in South Windsor.  I instantly fell in love with Lisa and Bob when I met them at their engagement session in the freezing cold.  Lisa is an amazing athlete, she’s a runner too like me.  But way more badass than me,  she runs marathons all around the country – and has a room full of medals – she’s kind of awesome!  Because this was a second wedding for them, it was extremely important to include their children – who are are just simply adorable – and they were a little non-traditional and decided to get ready together.  It was a lot of fun – here are some of my favorite photos from their gorgeous September wedding day.

Lisa and Bob Married-4 Lisa and Bob Married-25 Lisa and Bob Married-29

Lisa and Bob Married-120

Lisa and Bob Married-38

Lisa and Bob Married-54

Lisa and Bob Married-57

Lisa and Bob Married-88Lisa and Bob Married-125Lisa and Bob Married-172Lisa and Bob Married-207Lisa and Bob Married-195Lisa and Bob Married-224Lisa and Bob Married-343Lisa and Bob Married-359Lisa and Bob Married-588Lisa and Bob Married-589Lisa and Bob Married-590Lisa and Bob Married-593Lisa and Bob Married-600Lisa and Bob Married-601Lisa and Bob Married-604Lisa and Bob Married-605Lisa and Bob Married-613Lisa and Bob Married-609Lisa and Bob Married-566

Dimi and Nicholas | Trumbull Engagement Session | Heidi Hanson Photography

I knew as soon as I took the first photo of these two that I was going to LOVE, and I mean LOVE, working with them.  You know when some couples just have “IT” well Dimi and Nick do.  They are so in love with each other and swoon over each other, non-stop.  But it isn’t just that, they are hilarious, have the same interests and are just literally perfect for each other and Nick is totally fine with the fact that Dimi is taller than him (and she wore heels to the engagement session).

We had a fairly chilly fall day, but the colors were gorgeous and it was great because it gave the two of them lots of chances to snuggle and I love me some snuggle pictures, in fact I think they really forgot I was there.  There was no posing to be done again these two had “IT” they are absolute naturals.

I cannot wait for their wedding next year.

Dimi and Nick Engaged-123

Dimi and Nick Engaged-111 Dimi and Nick Engaged-109 Dimi and Nick Engaged-104 Dimi and Nick Engaged-23Dimi and Nick Engaged-17Dimi and Nick Engaged-12Dimi and Nick Engaged-77

Dimi and Nick Engaged-37Dimi and Nick Engaged-27Dimi and Nick Engaged-44Dimi and Nick Engaged-47_edited-1Dimi and Nick Engaged-84Dimi and Nick Engaged-73Dimi and Nick Engaged-86Dimi and Nick Engaged-95Dimi and Nick Engaged-106Dimi and Nick Engaged-108Dimi and Nick Engaged-112Dimi and Nick Engaged-116Dimi and Nick Engaged-119Dimi and Nick Engaged-134Dimi and Nick Engaged-136Dimi and Nick Engaged-138Dimi and Nick Engaged-140Dimi and Nick Engaged-145Dimi and Nick Engaged-151Dimi and Nick Engaged-152Dimi and Nick Engaged-153Dimi and Nick Engaged-154